Meet Leo, the immortal that

Mayari, Hana, Tala. Daughters of Bathala, Goddesses of Philippine folklore.

Boto cor de Rosa, a Brazilian lore of  pink dolphins that turn into men at sun down and impregnate women in the local villages.

Iara, a daughter of a Brazilian tribe leader, who became a mermaid through unfortunate turn of events.

Curupira, a young Brazilian boy who has protected the Amazon forests for centuries from visitors with ill intent. He lures them into the deadliest areas with his backwards feet leaving misleading footprints.

NeZha is a Chinese boy with godly powers born of two warriors. He's mischievous and a troublemaker, he doesn't deal well with the patriarchal ideals.

After NeZha's death, the Gods were touched by his heroic deeds and so remade his body out of lotus roots. NeZha was reborn and held a deity status.

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